How to make a Cheese Head Screw to fit into the back of a mitre plane.

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How to make a Cheese Head Screw to fit into the back of a mitre plane.

In this country, it may take 30 years to obtain cylindrical head screws, but some people told me that they have sold screws for 100 years. Anyway, I found some. You can get different sizes.

I have made one to the size I want. I drilled a hole in the rear of the plane and poked it in to see how far I have gone through any email, and then used an unchanged email. This is very important. I began to bite with a wrench from the back door, Then screw the blunt one out. I will seize the opportunity so that I can take it out and play.

Oh, no, come on, what I'm going to do now is, I start to blunt it with a wrench, screw it in, this is to screw out the groove on the cheese. When I finish, we hope that I won't screw the original screw into two files. I'm screwing the blunt one until it tightens. Don't screw it too much. I'll break the line. Please drill into the telomere.

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I've done it now. I mark the horizontal line. In fact, it starts from the point where there is no direction. In this case, put them on the incision anyway. I will see them, but I can distinguish them, You can also take it out, take it out, take it out, take it out, take this out, vice, this is my line, I failed to do this, making the groove vertical or horizontal is not important, but if you do this, it looks good, and then I get the JR axis, because the teeth of the hacksaw blade are too thick, this is my line.

There is a very, very delicate point in the original key of British English on the British aircraft of British aircraft, which is not wide at all. By the way, I told you, please continue to repair may place. People think it is because they think it is an adjustment blade, It's not that he has never eaten a plane in Hamlet. In any case, he shouldn't do this. It's too old. There are no screws in the back of Philadelphia and in the early market to support the weight of the bed. Or they have a counter.

Some screws are flush with the plane, so there is no way to fix it with a hammer. Anyway, sloth baby, good, take it out. I use a little wood. You can use anything you want, I put a rolling plug in it so that it can grasp this thing.

I can see the corner of this position, so I want to warn us who is round. OK, look more. One is on the plane. It darkens when I put it in the plane, but it doesn't. I just remember. I usually just clean the screws on the top. If someone meets him, we won't hold the glass well and jump a little, So I'll take it down at the end, put your gun on the fire fighting machine, try to do it when it's on the plane, and then put it on the bronze medal.

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OK, put the plane back where it is. I usually finish the plane, but I'm doing it now, because Sarah has a few minutes of free time. We've done it. I'll put some of our diet slow setting adhesive on it, In this way, when it is inside, it should be permanently inside. Now, we use our diet low gel water to fix the wood filler. This is a very strong glue.

In fact, in this morning's content, I have a screwdriver head that can be installed on the bracket. I did a good job in the past. I rounded it a little and said that it fits these slots. When you screw this screw in, You do not try to use a screwdriver, you need a lot of force, what do you need?