Bring Luck And Prosperity By Ganesha Paintings

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Ganesha is considered to be the most loved and worshipped deity of the people. Hence, he is the favorite amongst all and people like to bring his artwork to their homes and office.

Ganesha is considered to be the most loved and worshipped deity of the people. Hence, he is the favorite amongst all and people like to bring his artwork to their homes and office. People’s sentiments are attached and they have a strong belief in gods and religion. Maybe that’s the reason, Ganesha’s stories or pictures are carved and become so popular. 

Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha is most talked about not only in India but worldwide. He is welcomed in our homes on Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival celebrated magnificently. The idol of Ganesha is kept for several days and immersed in the water body on the last day. It is said that after staying for all those days at your home, Ganesha returns to Maa Parvati and Lord Shiva. 

People love to gather Ganesha paintings due to the spiritual significance attached to them. It is believed in our Hindu culture that Lord Ganesha has to be worshipped first before the beginning of any auspicious event or ceremony or any other rites.  

Wall mantra has various accretions of Ganesha paintings, such as dancing, standing, sitting on an elevated seat, playing with family, neon lights and many more. The paintings come in various sizes and patterns. It is entirely your choice to choose one painting or more than one. Some other names of Ganesha are Vinayaka and Ganapati, who are revered as a god of wisdom and intellect and remover of obstacles. 

“Ganapati Bappa Morya”

Ganapati Bappa is considered lucky for starting, producing, or purchasing anything new. That’s why whether it’s an inauguration of a shop, housewarming or a baby shower, wedding, or any occasion, Hindus do Ganesh puja. Everyone would have attended the Ganesh Chaturthi festival once in their lifetime, danced to the tunes, and said, ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’. Ganesh Ji brings prosperity and happiness to the homes. Therefore, these paintings are worldwide demanded.

These paintings can also be given as a gift also on many occasions like the opening of business, inaugurations, baby showers, etc. On new year eve’s also, this can be gifted as a lucky charm to have the rest of the year very happy and peaceful. Lord Ganesh is worshipped in every festival but especially in Diwali along with Maa Laxmi, he holds a significance in bringing wealth and happiness to the homes. 

People buy Ganesha paintings to adorn their homes or workplace and embrace the positivity that comes along. Certainly, these paintings can also be given to the CEO or directors of the company as a good luck charm for their offices. You will always find Ganesha sculptors and miniature or abstract paintings in their cabins. 

Ganesha was a naughty kid and children loved to watch their serials. Hence Ganesha paintings or other artwork can be given as a gift to the children on their birthdays. He was a favorite cartoon character of children who is popular for his wise actions. Children tend to learn from TV and such characters are good learning lessons for them. 

Involve divinity in your rooms

There is a tradition of praying daily in the Hindu religion although not everyone follows the culture. But mostly this culture is seen. Whenever there is an issue, we seek solutions from God by praying. And in times of happiness, we express our gratitude to God. 

So, it is a prerequisite to have a prayer room in the house, if it is a big flat bungalow.  Though in metro cities, there is less availability of space, therefore, people usually choose an empty corner of the house. The space doesn’t matter, just choose a painting that fits in the space. 

You can place a cloth or wallpaper on the backdrop and then place your painting. It will give it a traditional look. You can choose any canvas, abstract, or 3D art painting that suits the backdrop of your walls. Make sure the painting is placed in the east or northeast direction.

However, abstract paintings can be a little distracting in the prayer room but can be placed in the entrances or living room. We have such vibrant colors that they will enhance the room radiating positivity. If you are an art lover then this can be a perfect match for making a home edgy and traditional too. 

Add some rose petals to a water bowl and put some plants for freshness. Using the exact amount of lighting and colors like yellow, white, and orange brightens the space, and using modern photo frames of Ganesha will uplift your living room.

Try adding these paintings to your kid’s room. Ganesha is a favorite of kids so they will love to have their paintings. These paintings will add pristine and serene to the place. Here we have tried to give you a brief idea about the décor and the importance of Ganesha paintings in the house. 

Spruce up your homes with lovely Ganesha paintings and elevate the ambiance of your home. Wall mantra has a unique collection photo frames, neon lights and makes sure you get the best quality product at affordable prices.