Gautama Buddha Life Story: Refusal and Enlightenment

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Gautama Buddha is the creator of the Buddha religion and was the prince of his time, free from all the sorrow and suffering prevalent in the world.

Gautama Buddha is the creator of the Buddha religion and was the prince of his time, free from all the sorrow and suffering prevalent in the world. He was born in 566 B.C. and was the son of King Suddhodana and Queen Mahamaya. He was also the Prince of Kapilawaththu. When Buddha was born, the wise men announced that he would soon become a great saint-Buddha. However, the king was shocked by this announcement; he was afflicted since the king wished for his son to be a powerful ruler.

Refusal of Gautam Buddha

When he turned sixteen, Buddha had completed his education and had a wedding to princess Yasodra. The couple had one son named Rahula. Then, when he was 29, he left the comforts of his life and went to find the joy that life truly offers.

Leaving his kingdom and family to the side, Gautama became a wandering monk. Gautama cut his hair to show that he had left the style of the world and called himself a mystic.

He wore worn-out gowns and moved from one place to another to search for Atma Gyan. To find the truth, he sat with the most intelligent academics of the time. None of them could have known the best way to stop suffering, and he pursued the quest himself.

The teacher was various teachers, but he was not content. Finally, after six years, he went to the Neeranjana River in Bodhgaya and sat in the shade of a tree. He slowed his mind and began to meditate. In his concentration, he could see the mind's eye imagine a world that was bigger and greater beyond this planet to galaxies and out into the universe.

He may have to endure more hardships than most. However, his troubles did not get him anywhere. He was thinking, "Neither my lifetime of luxurious living in the palace nor my time as an Assistant in Nursing inside the forest are gratefulness to freedom. Doing too much can't lead to happiness." So he began eating a portion of healthy food again and regained energy.

The Enlightenment of Buddha

On a day that was the full moon in May, he lay under the Bodhi tree and sat in deep contemplation. Finally, he admitted, "I won't leave this place until I have found the solution to this pain." In the evening, the man was visited by Mara, the devil who attempted to pull him to turn away from his noble way.

Then, he sent his beautiful daughters to lure mestic into a state of bliss. Then came the bolts of lightning, winds as well as heavy rainfall. Then, he sent his demonic army of flaming rocks. One after another, Gautama Buddha met the troops and defeated them through his masculinity. Gautama Buddha understood that everything that happens in the world is the result of other things; therefore, everything happens with an explanation. The realisation that we exist on earth and the one who has created us led to his transformation ultimately. In the sixth year of his quest to understand eternal happiness, he transformed himself into an awakened and enlightened God, Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha paintings chose to teach the world the reasons behind their sorrow and suffering. He was determined to illuminate the world in the same way he did.


When the battle was over, He realised the root of the suffering and how to eliminate it. He gained the highest level of knowledge and understood the nature of things. He was referred to as the Buddha, "The Awakened One. From then on, he was referred to as Shakyamuni Buddha.